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Put BlueShield49® Sealants for Bikes on your BICYCLE...
and forget about tire punctures forever.

  • Can seal more than one hundred 1mm tire punctures on each wheel!
  • No special tools required
  • For tires with and without tubes
  • Avoids scares, delays and accidents
  • Practical, convenient and easy to install

Bicycle Kit (tubed tires)
Bicycle Kit (tubeless tires)
60+60ml. (2 tires)



  • Eliminates tire punctures and air leaks for the entire lifespan of your tires
  • Optimized to avoid tire punctures caused by objects up to 3.6mm
  • Instantly seals any puncture, even at very slow speeds
  • For all types of bicycles: urban, speed, mountain, BMX, etc.


  • Increases the active safety of your bike
  • Eliminates the risks of riding with the wrong air pressure
  • Avoids having to stop to repair tire punctures

Discover how it works Blueshield49® Sealants Puncture Bicycles


  • Makes tires last longer
  • A single application prevents all tire punctures.
  • The cheapest on the market


  • Can easily be washed with water
  • Contains no adhesives or chemicals. Does not damage the rim, tube or tire
  • The only environmentally friendly sealant
* Under normal conditions of use of the vehicle. For use in competition, extreme terrain, or intense use, contact us


Needed materials

All needed materials are provided in the installation kit (1).

  • Valve core remover to extract the core from the valve
  • Transparent tube to apply BlueShield49® Sealants.
  • Blue lids so you remember on which wheels you have installed BlueShield49® Sealants.
  • You need to have an air pump or air compressor on hand.

Turn the wheel, put the valve on the lower part of the wheel and extract the core from the inside

Using a razor cut the top of the container at the first notch

Screw the cannula onto the lid of the container and cut 1cm from that point

Connect the tube to the valve and cannula

Put all the sealant in using the thruster (2)

Clean the inside of the valve with air pressure. Put the core on, inflate the wheel and turn it immediately

(1) Only for valves with extractable cores
(2) If it becomes obstructed, do not force the thruster. Disconnect the tube from the valve and use air pressure to release the product and leave the inside of the valve clean again