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In March, April and May 2012 our product received a test report from MAPFRE’s Testing and Road Safety Center (CESVIMAP in Spanish), the most important laboratory in Spain and one of the most internationally renowned for road safety.

The results from these intense tests demonstrated how excellent and effective the product is to prevent and repair tire punctures.

Final conclusion of the test:


"The product is appropriate and recommended as a means to prevent the loss of air pressure if tires (with or without tubes) puncture, and for emergency puncture repair"

Download the Complete Test (4.011 Kb)

In October 2013, the DICTUC Road Engineering and Research Center (affiliate of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and specialized in engineering services) issued a test report on the products called "TEST OF ANTI-PUNCTURE PRODUCTS".

The report presents the assessment of the product’s effectiveness as a means of prevention, carrying out tire puncture tests in a car (sedan).


It can be concluded from the findings that the product complies with the functional characteristics described in point 2.3:

  • The product works effectively to repair tire punctures, allowing the vehicle to continue working without significant loss of air pressure in the punctured tire
  • The product is indeed easy to apply, and is easily removed with water.
  • During the test period no damage was observed to the rim or tire that could be attributed to the application of this product.