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BlueShield49® Sealants goes far beyond conventional products to repair tire punctures. It not only repairs the tire punctures, it prevents them from occurring.

The main advantages of using BlueShield49® Sealants on your vehicles are:


  • Eliminates tire punctures and air leaks for the entire lifespan of your tires
  • Optimal to avoid tire punctures caused by objects up to 15mm
  • For all types of vehicles with no speed limit
  • For all types of tires, with or without tubes
  • Only product on the market with certified efficiency Certified by MAPFRE’s Testing and Road Safety Center (CESVIMAP in Spanish)


  • Increases the active safety of your vehicle
  • Eliminates the risks of driving with the wrong air pressure
  • Avoids having to stop to repair tire punctures


  • Makes tires last longer
  • A single application prevents all tire punctures*
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • The cheapest on the market


  • Can easily be washed with water
  • Contains no adhesives or chemicals. Does not damage the rim, tube or tire
  • Reduces CO2 emissions due to lower fuel consumption
  • The only environmentally friendly sealant