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Install BlueShield49® Sealants on your tires...
and a tire puncture will never stop your business again.

The most profitable investment for FLEETS and PUBLIC AND PRIVATE SERVICES

  • Saves fuel
  • Makes tires last up to 25% longer
  • Reduces maintenance and assistance costs
  • No speed or weight limits
  • A single application lasts the entire lifespan of the tires*

20 Liter Drum

Filling pump


  • Eliminates tire punctures and air leaks for the entire lifespan of the tire*
  • The only product that avoids tire punctures caused by objects up to 16mm
  • For all types of vehicles and tires with no speed or weight limit
  • Certified by MAPFRE’s Testing and Road Safety Center (CESVIMAP in Spanish)


  • Makes tires last up to 25% longer
  • Lowers fuel costs
  • Reduces maintenance and assistance costs
  • The cheapest on the market

Discover how it works Blueshield49® Sealants Puncture Trucks, Buses & Fleets


  • Increases the active safety of the vehicle
  • Eliminates the risks of driving with the wrong air pressure
  • Avoids having to stop to repair tire punctures
  • Does not require specific storage conditions, as it does not expire and is not flammable


  • Reduces CO2 emissions due to lower fuel consumption
  • Contains no adhesives or chemicals. Does not damage the rim or tire
  • The only environmentally friendly sealant
* Under normal conditions of use of the vehicle and when installed by an expert in our authorized repair shops , which guarantee the tire's condition and the cleanliness of the interior.


Needed materials

  • Valve core remover to extract the core from the valve
  • Injection pump to apply BlueShield49® Sealants.
  • Compressor to fill tire with air