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Cutting edge technology for safety

Following years of intense research, testing in laboratories, in competition and extensive dynamic testing, BlueShield49® Sealants is currently the most effective product for tire punctures in the world.

When an object perforates a tire, the pressure inside changes. As the air tries to escape, it changes the tension on the surface, causing BlueShield49® Sealants's exclusive microfibers to intertwine and form a netting. This netting traps the rubber particles, and other components, causing an instant and permanent seal.

Mechanical anti-puncture system

While most anti-puncture sealants on the market base their action on their chemical composition, BlueShield49® Sealants works thanks to physics.

That’s why BlueShield49® Sealants's preventive treatment acts without altering or deteriorating the tire, rim, or the environment, since it does not contain any chemical compounds (abrasives, adhesives, latex, detergents, etc.).

Main components

  • Non-Newtonian gel that does not contain adhesives or latex, meaning that it does not adhere or stick to the rim. It can be removed with water and a rag.
  • Para-aramid and carbon fibers
  • Rubber particles
  • Viscosity modifiers, which cause a pseudo-elastic dispersion
  • Titanium dioxide
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Ethylene glycol solution, which allows BlueShield49 to work optimally in a wide range of temperatures from -35ºC to 110ºC

Constant research, development and innovation are part of our DNA