Blueshield49® Sealants prevents and repairs punctures

Following years of intense research, testing in laboratories, in competition and extensive dynamic testing, BlueShield49® is currently the most effective product for tire punctures in the world

Unlike most products on the market, which only repair tire punctures after the fact, BlueShield49® is a Preventive Treatment that prevents them from occurring.
While most anti-puncture sealants on the market base their action on chemical reactions, BlueShield49® is based on physics.

BlueShield 49 antipinchazos

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The permanent solution for tire punctures.

We didn’t invent the wheel… We improved its performance and safety

BlueShield® goes far beyond conventional products to repair tire punctures. It not only repairs the tire punctures, it prevents them from occurring. BlueShield® works on all types of tires, with or without tubes, and all types of vehicles regardless of their speed or load capacity.

Available for cars, motorcycles, bikes and more

We have developed an extensive line of products and packages to provide the best solution for each client, type of vehicle and use.

Blueshield49® Cars & Vans

Blueshield49® Motorcycle

Blueshield49® Bicycle

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BlueShield49®’s preventive treatment works without altering or deteriorating the tire, wheel or environment, as it does not contain chemical compounds (abrasives, adhesives, latex, detergents, etc.).

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Certified and laboratory tested

Our product received a test report from MAPFRE’s Testing and Road Safety Center (CESVIMAP in Spanish), the most important laboratory in Spain and one of the most internationally renowned for road safety.

The results from these intense tests demonstrated how excellent and effective the product is to prevent and repair tire punctures.

Final conclusion of the test:


“The product is appropriate and recommended as a means to prevent the loss of air pressure if tires (with or without tubes) puncture, and for emergency puncture repair”

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New Blueshield49® Aqua

Innovative product that repels rain, snow and ice from vehicle windshields

BlueShield49® Aqua is an innovative product that repels rain from vehicle windshields. Thanks to its hydrophobic effect, drops of rain barely touch the surface and roll off easily until they disappear from the windshield. The result is greater daytime and nighttime visibility at the wheel without having to use windshield wipers, even in extremely rainy conditions.


Easy, convenient and quick to installL

Few things are as easy as installing BlueShield49® Sealants on the wheels. All of our products come with the materials needed to install them – an installation kit including a valve core remover and a transparent tube to apply it. Just make sure you have an air pump.

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