Frequently asked questions

Will installing BlueShield49® Sealants affect the air pressure sensors on my tires?2020-05-04T16:50:42+02:00

Under no circumstances does it affect the air pressure sensors. However, we have seen some cases where BlueShield49® Sealants cannot be applied through the valve due to the way the sensor is built.

Do drastic temperature changes affect BlueShield49® Sealants?2020-05-04T16:49:29+02:00

At temperatures between -35ºC and 110ºC BlueShield49® Sealants is stable and does not alter its behaviour.

Is exposure to BlueShield49® Sealants dangerous to humans?2020-05-04T16:48:54+02:00

The only chemical compound used in BlueShield49® Sealants is ethylene glycol, which is safe to work with, but safety glasses or a mask and gloves are recommended during the installation. You should also wash with soap and water after handling the product. Under no circumstances should you drink the product. A large amount could cause illness, or even death.

Can BlueShield49® Sealants make my vehicle vibrate?2020-05-04T16:48:20+02:00

Definitely not. However, it is possible that you notice a brief oscillation for the first few meters after BlueShield49® Sealants is installed. This will completely disappear once it spreads all over the inside of the tire. We recommend installing BlueShield49® Sealants on both wheels of every axle in vehicles with 4 or more wheels.

In some cases, and only in some cars, our product may cause steering wheel vibration when driving between 80 km/h and 120 km/h. This has no impact whatsoever on the vehicle’s steering system or on its driving safety (as long as the vehicle does not have any previous steering issues).

Does the tire need to be completely deflated before installing BlueShield49® Sealants?2020-05-04T16:47:48+02:00

Yes, it is necessary to completely deflate the tire when applying BlueShield49® Sealants using the monodose kit (bikes, motorcycles, cars and lightweight vehicles). If it is installed using a filling pump made for our 20 liter drums it is not necessary

Is BlueShield49® effective in tires with tubes?2020-05-04T16:47:08+02:00

Yes, in most cases, but you should keep in mind that while BlueShield49® Sealants is 95% effective in tubeless tires, its effectiveness is 75% in tires with tubes as it is not uncommon for the tube to get scratched when it moves inside the tire and can even remove the valve.

What are the benefits of installing BlueShield49®sealants?2020-05-04T16:46:31+02:00

BlueShield49® Sealants repairs up to 95% of the most common tire punctures on the tread. In addition, it eliminates slow leaks of air, extending the lifespan of the tire and reducing fuel consumption.

Most flat tires are caused by excessive heat in the tire, almost always due to low air pressure in the tire. These slow leaks of air increase the risk of a tire puncture. By installing BlueShield49® Sealants we avoid 100% of this risk

Can I install BlueShield on my vehicle?2020-05-04T16:45:48+02:00

BlueShield49® Sealants can be used on any vehicle and on any type of tire. Its treatment to prevent and repair tire punctures is used on a wide range of on-road and off-road vehicles for individual or commercial use (bikes, cars, motorcycles, vans, buses and trucks) as well as for special vehicles and heavy machinery (telescopic handlers, backhoes, dump trucks of all sizes, etc.).