Blueshield 49 ® Aqua – Spray 50ml


BlueShield49® Aqua is an innovative product that repels rain from vehicle windshields. Thanks to its hydrophobic effect, drops of rain barely touch the surface and roll off easily until they disappear from the windshield. The result is greater daytime and nighttime visibility at the wheel without having to use windshield wipers, even in extremely rainy conditions.

Since it acts as a water repellent, the drops of rain barely touch the surface. When the vehicle is in motion, the drops fall off quickly and naturally, without even having to use the windshield wipers. That’s why on rainy days this product increases visibility, ensuring safety at the wheel.

It also facilitates cleaning, therefore, insects, dust and stains can be removed much more easily, while making it more difficult for ice to stick to the surface (up to -5º). It acts as an anti-freeze, meaning there’s no need to scratch off ice.



  • Protects from ice: Prevents ice from sticking to the glass, without having to scratch it off (up to -5º).
  • Long lasting: Internal testing has verified that the product remains active between 6-12 months, depending on the driving conditions.
  • Resistant to abrasion: From the use of the windshield wipers and car washes.
  • Does not release hydrochloric acid: Unlike other high end products, which means it can be applied anywhere, including closed spaces, without harming the user or the vehicle.
  • Is not affected by exposure to UV rays, increasing its durability.
  • The best value for money on the market
  • Facilitates cleaning: insects, dust and other stains can be removed much more easily.
  • Easy to use: unlike other products, it is applied simply by cleaning, applying and drying. The user can apply it in 5 minutes or less.
  • 100% compatible with the materials adjacent to the windshield of the vehicle.
  • Windshield wipers last longer, since they are hardly ever needed.


Easy installation

STEP 1: VERY IMPORTANT! THE SURFACE MUST BE COMPLETELY CLEAN AND DRY BEFORE APPLYING! Para ello se recomienda el uso de limpiadores adecuados. Eliminar completamente los restos de detergentes y limpiadores.

STEP 2: THE PRODUCT CAN BE DIRECTLY APPLIED ON THE SURFACE WITH THE DOSING WASHCLOTH OR SPRAY When applying the product with the spray, use a paper towel or microfiber cloth to evenly distribute the product across the surface.

STEP 3: IMMEDIATELY AFTER, REMOVE ANY EXCESS PRODUCT WITH A DRY CLOTH. It should be perfectly distributed and completely transparent.


• Apply in a place with low humidity. Do not apply when it is raining.
• Do not apply when the windshield or glass is directly in the sun or excessively hot.
• The glass will have longer-lasting hydrophobic properties if the treatment is applied two or more times. It is not necessary to remove a prior treatment.
• It does not need to dry. The glass can get wet immediately after applying, although it will reach its optimal point 1-2 hours later.


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